The Good & Not So Good

I know I’ve said it to people before, but the saying I hear often: “I don’t know how you do it. I couldn’t handle it. You’re such a strong person!” is not as complimenting as you may be trying to sound.

If you break it down, you “don’t know how I do it” bc you haven’t had to experience it firsthand. You may never have to deal with something similar, but chances are you will be faced with a heart wrenching loss or event at some point in your life. Not trying to spread fear here, just don’t be close minded that bad shit will not come your way; it can come in all shapes, sizes and severities.

Possibly I’m an uber sensitive and empathetic person bc I’ve been faced with much loss due to FA?! Not a ‘woe is me’ question, but an actual legit reason for my empathy. I feel so much emotion when I hear of others ups and downs. I want to cry tears of joy when the lady wins the bonus round on Wheel Of Fortune😭 I’m extreme.

I feel deeply sad & want to donate whatever I can to a complete stranger I read about, in an article or the socials, whose spouse just died.

I am so damn proud of my kid, family, friends…when they achieve a goal or make a milestone.

People sell theirselves short when they say “I couldn’t do it” bc most people have/will have horrible things happen in their life & learn to adapt & conquer. You’re probably resilient; you may just not know it yet.

When you want something bad enough, you will work your ass off to try and achieve it. When you love someone unconditionally, you will work & fight for their safety and well-being. You will want to make them happy when they’re unhappy and you will have desire to build them up when they’re sad or hurt. You genuinely want the best for them. It’s an instinct {most} have and what makes someone have true love and empathy in their heart.

If I heard 10+ years ago, I’d be a mother with FA and single and going thru a pandemic, I’d probably say “I can’t handle that. No way!”

But heeeeeyyy, your girl is still here🙋🏻‍♀️ & making way!! So, don’t sell yourself short; you’d be surprised how much fight and passion you got in you.


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