Potty Talk

Went out to eat the other night and ran into a problem that’s happened many times before… the ONE & ONLY handicapped stall in the bathroom is “out of order.”

First of all: there needs to be more than one handicap stall in every public restroom. One just doesn’t cut it. I can’t tell you how many times I run into JUST one stall that’s handicap equipped and it’s rarely available—it’s either “out of order” or its being occupied; and sometimes by a person who does not need that stall to begin with!! 🙄

I let much go when I have run ins with BS, but the bathrooms situations really irk me!

Secondly: when a problem arises and your ONE & ONLY handicap stall becomes “out of order” have a back up plan you can direct your patrons to who need a handicapped stall AND work hard on getting that bad boy fixed fast!


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