Be in the middle

I have an obvious disability and I think it should be recognized and addressed; meaning, don’t ignore it and treat me like your average Joe because Hello! I’m not. I have been through the ringer to relearn tasks and everyday living in a different manner than the able bodies, so acknowledge my differences. You don’t have to embrace them, (although, that’d be nice) but just acknowledge them.

ALSO I don’t want to be treated dumb or with pity either. My mind and manners and feelings are in full tact, so don’t ignore the fact that I can make knowledgeable plans & actions.

It’s quite simple. There’s a middle ground and that’s where I am.

I, personally, don’t feel offense when someone asks/puts in the effort to help me out physically. To me, it shows care & respect and the world needs more of that. You can still have the freedom of doing what you enjoy and lending a helping hand. It isn’t hard, people!

Everyone is out here trying for something; help them succeed. Don’t drag them down.

The struggle really is real!


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