I went to a local gas station the other day and because they’re OG, they pump gas for all their customers; super convenient for an FAer!

Anyway, I hand over my debit card and instruct him on the type of gas and how much; and he gave me a kind of look like the look people give people who live a life style they don’t approve. It dawned on me, with my uncoordinated handing of my card and my slightly slurring of speech, he made his own assumption and was now judging me. He didn’t know I use a wheelchair; and of course, that’s usually the dead giveaway that something is “wrong.” So, in his mind he sees a girl drive up at noon on a Tuesday, moving and talking different. #clubgoinuponatuesday If I were in his shoes, maybe I would think the same. I don’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’d like to say I wouldn’t, but the world is so judgy and everyone gets offended by everything, so we’re taught to not stare nor speak, just turn the other cheek. How is the world going to be educated when people make assumptions?!

My message: stop premature judgement. Ask questions nicely. Learn. Educate yo self, because when you ‘assume’, you’re making an “ASS out of U and ME”


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