Suit Up—More Goodness. More Travel.

I’ve been to Tampa 3 time the past few months for the drug study RTA 408 Phase 2 Extension. I’ve traveled down there so many times the past 6 years, I know the ins and outs of travel with my eyes closed.🙈

My friend came with me in April and my mom the other 2 times in May. Since there is a travel agent that USF works with, I am able to send the airline and flights I prefer, and they definitely try to work that in if it’s cost effective.

As stated numerous times in other posts, I like Southwest the best. I have lucked out to have been able to fly them 90% of the time. They’re super friendly, quick and easy to work with.

My first visit for this particular trial was April 1st. My friend, Colleen, and I flew from STL direct to Tampa. I reserved a rental car via Southwest App, because POINTS! I’m all about racking in those Southwest miles!

We got our luggage and without remembering the many years of construction at Tampa’s airport, the new rental car building and 10 minute commute by the tram shuttle, was ready. It is a little hike, but worth it in the end. The rental car area was bigger, user friendly and had a pretty decent flow.

We got our car and went to the hotel, took a quick nap and grabbed din there. April 2nd was my visit to USF for the “screening.” Basically, to check if I was eligible to enroll in the study. For the most part, everything checked out, but needed to await the blood sample results to get the go ahead.

I had to wait a few days for the phone call, so after a routine cardio echogram, we were able to leave around 2pm. Afterwards, Col and I treated ourselves to a nice dinner on the town. (Actually, her parents did. Thanks, Reagans😘).

After din, we went back to the hotel and the next morning we gathered everything up to fly home.

Once I got word I could 100% be enrolled in the study, I made arrangements to go down end of April/beginning of May to begin RTA-408.

RTA-408 Phase 2 Extension is definitely more lax than trialing it in its phase 1 trial. I actually participated in Phase 1 years ago and through their thorough documentation, trial & error, they found out the dose and other dos & donts to follow. Everyone enrolled in this study will get the drug; NO placebo, and you’re able to take this medicine for as long as it’s available as a trial. There’s no specific end date. The hope is this drug will move to a Phase 3 and be FDA approved and able to get this “official” medicine from a pharmacy.

I can’t share what changes I’ve noticed while enrolled, BUT this drug, with the proper dose, has shown, according to others and docs, improvement by reversing symptoms by 2 years and stopping the progression. OH MY LANTA! That’s amazing!

Keep the hope going, mi amigos!

At the end of May, I went down again, with my momma, for my 30 day check-up.

Quick trip…flew down Monday night; seen at the clinic Tuesday; and back home Wednesday. Even though my trips are short, I always try to squeeze in a little R&R when I’m in my favorite place, Florida!

We are regulars at One of the restaurants on the Bay, over looking the water, but always down to throw in something new & different!

As of the present, I’m 3.5 months in and keepin’ on🙌🏻

I will be going in for another check up in October, and excited to hear the latest!

As always, thank you for being my fans and joining me on this journey we call life!


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