New Everything 

Happy 2017, all you beautiful people!

Where to even begin…wow! It’s only January 7th and I know this year is going to be filled with some crazy good, crazy not-so-good & just plain crazy! One of my goals is to keep this blog updated more frequently. I know. I know…I’ve said this before, but I’m being for reals! I have SO much to talk about, so it’ll be no prob for me to ever feel short of a topic. Plus, we need to rewind a bit to 2016 so I can fill you in on the wrapping up of the RT408 trial I was in. Can you believe how fast those 5 months went?! I know. Me neither. Any who, we’ll chat more about that next time. 

Some other things I really want to touch base on this year are:

  • My insanely fast growing kiddo. He starts Kindergarten in 7 short months😩 I hope you can, because I sure can’t. 
  • My wine biz🍷🍷🍷​
  •  Gym & Yoga = my life savor!
  • FA life. BIG changes there! Handicap—>more handi & more capable. 
  • Meeting more FAmily
  • FA trials 
  • Learning more on illness and nutrition. Very excited to gain more knowledge on food being our medicine and, of course, sharing with you. 
  • AND my all time goal is to sign up for classes to learn about MORE nutrition with a health/life coach being my end result. 

Let’s get this party started💃🏻


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